I have been enjoying casual sex lately. A WHOLE LOT. I love how there are no strings attached and no one is burdened to explain anything or feel obligated to call/text/show feelings. My first casual sex experience was rather unplanned. I saw the guy and I was attracted to him, physically, not only because of his physical appearance but also the whole package. He is a guy I would totally date but at that time, that was not going to happen. So I figured, hey why not just have sex? So I did. So I will not go into details of how the whole thing went down but I would rather concentrate of how in the midst of it all my feminist inner bitch who knows what she wants and gets it was rather overshadowed by the cultured well mannered girl that my parents and society raised and are so proud of. For a split two seconds I was taken up by this other side of me that questioned me “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

So I found this rather interesting seeing that I am feminist and am all for equity, fairness and justice for all women and more so about women owning their body and not letting it be a war zone for others’ political gain and selfishness. To me this means, if a grown ass woman decides to engage in casual sex with whoever and however then hell let her do that without attaching labels to it. If it is consensual and amongst two grown up people I have zero objections. But what this experience enlightened me is that even a person like me: educated, modern, more aware of what my rights are as a young woman..before all this I was socialized just like any other girl. I was brought up, engineered to think, feel, talk and act in a certain way. To fit into the box. And all these things though now over powered by feminist ideologies, human rights and all that jazz, still somewhere deep down inside me there is that girl that still wants to adapt and fit into that box that society set out for me.

We all know the shaming and name calling associated with women who enjoy casual sex. Am sure lots of research has gone into that and so many women have talked about against it but now I know all that does not matter. It is about the individual self. Deciding and consciously making the grown up decision as an adult o engage in casual sex, enjoy it and most importantly BEING SAFE ☺