Your father beat your ma's ass & treated her like shit for years cos he didn't see her as an equal yet feminists are misguided uppity hos? Oh
"They were married for a hundred years though" And how many years was she battered though?
I don't even get it. Many of us have seen firsthand what a woman being treated like a lesser being in the home setting does…
Mare le santse le bua masepa.
Your father would cheat on your mother and tell her not to question him because "ke monna”..
...while she went and had to get rid of the STIs he gave her because "ke mosadi, o tshwara ka thata..”
you saw your mother struggle. You see your sisters and cousins struggling, married to the kind of men you say we must settle for.
And sure, they put in the time. They clock the years. But are you gonna completely ignore what it does to them?
You have me fucked up if you think I'm sitting, while you abuse me, just to say "We've been together xyz years". All the way fucked up.
Why would I want to celebrate the fact that I've managed to keep someone in my life who makes me miserable?
If you do not see me as an equal that means I am beneath you, in most cases. It's like that.
And you, straight Black men, last I checked, many of you do not feel like anyone you deem "below" you deserves any form of respect.
Whether they have less money, a less appealing girlfriend, a smaller house.. you do not treat them well.
So why would we want to settle down with you, when we know what a relationship that doesn't acknowledge you as a whole being, entails?
Contrary to popular belief we as Black women, aren't all pining away hoping to get swept off our feet, aimless.
We are not waiting for you, filling our days with things you deem minuscule like self actualization and growth.
I know many of you never actually sit and think about who you are and what you're worth because you think that's a woman's job..
You think WE need to make ourselves desirable and worthy and lovely and thin, for you.
But you are not worth it. Simmer in this knowledge. A fair portion of you are not worth it.
We know it. That's why we don't care for you, or what you think we should do. We know you are not worth the effort!
You could easily find someone to break her back trying to make you happy. Many women still base their worth on their relationship status..
But round here, you have us all the way fucked up if you think we're gonna clamor to keep your degenerate ass. For years even? Sies.
Our mothers are battered cos of those long ass relationships.Many of them die miserable cos they didn't even get the therapy they needed.
Our fathers sucked the life out of our mothers, and you think we're fucked for carefully choosing where to place our time, loyalty and love?
So many of you are Black holes. You take, and take, and take. It's all you know.
You take our time, our energy, try your best to cripple our self esteem and you want us to do what? Love you? BE LOYAL TO YOU?
Have you looked at yourselves lately?
"You bitches can't keep a man cos you want him to treat you with respect, and like you're an actual human being". Basically.

And so the fuck what?

You're disrespectful swine that still gets fucked, sure.You have no reason to take any of this seriously cos you don't see beyond your ears.
Stop hiding behind inane reasoning and the word "bitch", tell us: "I don't want a woman with confidence and a sense of self worth”.
You can call us bitches and tell us we need to settle for the degenerates of our society but you can't say much else? Okay.
So fucking focused on what we're worth and what our pussies do and how our choices affect us like we aren't grown ass women.
We've gotten this far in life w/out your 2cents. Think about that every time you wanna open your mouth to slander a woman for her decisions.
Re basadi. Re ba tona ha rele kana.
We're not your daughters, we're not your fucking sisters, we exist as independent entities. Fuck off with your "advice”.
We are not girls. We do not need your "guidance" that is really just you trying to shame us into becoming what you want.
You treat us like we're unable to make our own decisions & take care of ourselves but last I checked most of you can't even feed yourselves!
Le tletse masepa, kids.