Kuber (locally pronounced as Khubhe)

A tobacco drug used to make ppl have carefree sex. However, people have the wrong impression and understanding, using it to enhance sex and making the vagina welcoming. The drug is a smokeless tobacco but females insert it in the vagina. The side effects are dizzyness and dehydration.


Used in a twisted curly manner and inserted inside the vagina to absorb all the moist inside. This method is commonly used by females with multiple partners. The insert the twisted newspaper inside to dry up and make sure the other partners so not feel the wetness from previous coitas.

Brown cover paper

Serving a similar purpose like the newspaper, the brown cover is said to be better because it doesnt detoriarate quicky like the newspaper. (This left me puzzled).

Snuff mixed with vicks

Popular act in south africa. Snuff insertion is said to work on the vagina to make it more welcoming to the man. “Uba mnandi”….thats what it does. As for the vicks, one patient of mine said the burning effect of vicks fools the man as “one of a kind” vagina. The man wont leave.

Muti and douching.

Watch the space……